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Why i-Snapshot?

Driving salesforce improvement

Improve the performance, productivity and focus of your field sales team.

Put an end to Friday ‘admin’ time filling out CRMs: Benefit from a real-time view of your team’s productivity and meetings every day. Know where your field team are, who they’re meeting with, and ensure they’re meeting with the right prospects and accounts at the right time to hit target and achieve sales objectives.

As a sales manager, you need to know:

  • Where your team is and what they are doing?
  • That every lead and opportunity is acted on
  • That your team are prepared for every call, especially when they’re out meeting clients
  • That your team are having productive conversations with customers
  • Who are the weakest performers are in your team and why? Can you help them improve performance?
  • What your competitors are doing and where they’re active?

Could this information, in real-time, not a week or two later, make your life easier and your results stronger?

If the answer is yes: Contact us about i-snapshot today.

As so many sales managers face these challenges every day, we have developed i-snapshot to overcome them and empower sales managers to exceed their sales targets. From multi-national corporates to SMEs, our solution works to drive forward constant improvements and provides managers with real-time salesforce oversight.

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  • Complete Visibility Of Sales Team Activity
  • Competitor Understanding
  • Visible Lead Management
  • Quick & Simple To Use
    (record a sales visit in 60 seconds)

Case Study


Froneri, a joint venture between Nestle and R&R is Europe’s largest manufacturer of ice-cream and ice-lollies under brand names including Cadbury, Fab, Kelly’s of Cornwall and Rowntree’s.

Within the leisure sector, there was a scarcity of data and insight and sales managers had little evidence to understand the impact their team were making in the market. Equally, sales reps were using up a significant amount of time with manual management of sales call recording, contractual agreements, data analysis and terms & pricing details.

Froneri have been using i-snapshot for over 3 years adding several additional functions and features as the platform evolved. In that time, with better visibility of their own and competitor performance, identification of missed opportunities and improved development conversations, Froneri’s share of the market has increased by double digit growth.

“i-snapshot has totally transformed the way we operate in the field, both in understanding the effectiveness of our own team and the performance of customers. The platform has evolved as our teams have grown and accepted it as a powerful tool to enable them to do their job better – and give them some of their free time back.

We’re calling on almost 25% more customers, our response times are within 48 hours and we’ve grown sales and market share – all areas where we now know we’re beating our competitors.
i-snapshot has been revolutionary in enabling our business to grow in a declining market, through allowing our teams to be sharper, better informed and more efficient in managing their customer base.”


Case Study

Saint-Gobain PAM

Saint-Gobain PAM is the premier supplier of ductile iron and cast-iron products to the UK’s key utilities, telecoms, highways, civil engineering, construction and housing companies.

With several sales reps on the road, previous sales force technology was found to be laborious, slow and difficult to engage with, meaning that resistance from the sales teams was high.
This resulted in the sales management teams having poor visibility and insight as to what was happening with customers in the field.

i-snapshot was introduced to a trial section of the salesforce in January 2017 who immediately recognised the speed and ease of use, alongside the enhanced intelligence that enabled them to hold more effective conversations. The platform is now looking to be expanded across a wider population based on the positive experiences of the initial users.

‘’i-snapshot has been a revelation for us in an area which was previously rebuffed by our sales teams’ due to the time and effort previous systems required. Introducing i-snapshot has demonstrated how easy it is to pro-actively, quickly and simply manage sales call planning and reporting in a way which benefits both the sales reps and the managers leading them.

Without fail our teams have been impressed from the start with the ease of use and effectiveness of the outputs – both of which contribute to a more confident and productive sales team.”


i-snapshot is an integrated and easy-to-use digital platform which has now been applied in over 20 million sales visits across the world to drive salesforce productivity and power improved commercial performance.

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