Does Sales Enablement Really Support Sales Teams?

Since 2008, Sales Enablement (SE) has emerged as a business function and micro-industry supporting sales teams. It was known as sales support; however, in this expanded role, SE includes marketing functions, tools, technology and training. Whilst you’ve heard of the term, “sales enablement”, you may wonder exactly what it means? [...]

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Have We Got Pipeline Management All Wrong?

Salespeople, including managers, tend to measure sales performance success based on the actions we take. What have we done today? How many calls have we made? How many meetings? How much have we done? Actions — inputs — over outputs are valid and important measures of success. If we don’t make calls, have meetings and [...]

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Have you thought about how to sell in a VUCA world?

As sales professionals we need to get our heads around VUCA — the model that came out of the military but is being applied more and more by businesses. We are selling in situations that are often VOLATILE, UNCERTAIN, COMPLEX or AMBIGUOUS — sometimes all four (that’s’ VUCA). One response would be to say [...]

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6 Ways to Increase Your Sales Teams Effectiveness

Darker nights and shorter days sharpen the senses. A seasonal change, from languid and lazy warmth, when many are on holiday, to colder mornings and nights, signals a renewed focus on generating revenue and earning bonuses. Towards the end of the year, many sales managers and team members have money on [...]

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