Have you thought about how to sell in a VUCA world?

As sales professionals we need to get our heads around VUCA — the model that came out of the military but is being applied more and more by businesses. We are selling in situations that are often VOLATILE, UNCERTAIN, COMPLEX or AMBIGUOUS — sometimes all four (that’s’ VUCA). One response would be to say [...]

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CRMs For Sales Teams: Are They The Right Solution?

Gartner recorded that the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market exceeded $36.5 billion in 2017. It has continued to grow since then. And yet, at the same time, Gartner has been one of the leading sources for reports of high CRM failure rates since 2001. Over the years, studies into CRM failure [...]

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How Many Accounts Should a Sales Professional Manage?

One of the first questions we ask, when getting to know any company we are going to work with, is how many field agents do they have? In a meeting with one American firm, I was surprised that this listed company didn’t know. Sales agents were spread across multiple divisions. Most [...]

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How Many Sales Reps Should We Have?

We recently weighed in on the question, “How many accounts should a sales rep manage?” It is something we often talk about with clients. It helps us assign user-accounts, but more importantly for them, it’s usually the first time some companies stop and take a look at sales resource allocation. [...]

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6 Ways to Increase Your Sales Teams Effectiveness

Darker nights and shorter days sharpen the senses. A seasonal change, from languid and lazy warmth, when many are on holiday, to colder mornings and nights, signals a renewed focus on generating revenue and earning bonuses. Towards the end of the year, many sales managers and team members have money on [...]

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Why Pipeline Management Does Not Work

Strong sales pipelines are busy main roads, driving directly into the heart of a companies revenue and cash flow. Sales need to keep that road open and busy. Current pipeline management methods are meant to keep the traffic flowing, so why are they often flawed? Taking a haphazard approach to sales [...]

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How To Get An Almost Won Deal Across The Finish Line

Think about all the deals in your team’s pipeline right now. How many of them are “90% done”? “Almost won, just a bit more work”, or time, are phrases you’ve probably heard already. It can be frustrating, waiting for a nearly done deal to cross the finish line. Depending on the [...]

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What we do to protect your customer data at i-snapshot

Data is under threat. Hackers want it all: public data, private data, government data and business data. Given the rise of cyber-attacks, if data privacy and security were an animal, it would be an endangered species. Once data has been stolen, it usually ends up in one of two places: [...]

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