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How to Design The Right KPIs For Your Sales Team

Sales managers can spend a lot of time tracking and thinking about the wrong key performance indicators (KPIs). More often than not, the easiest metrics in sales aren’t a useful measure of the deals in the pipeline and don’t serve to improve weekly sales activities. Sales agents prefer to do [...]

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Six Metrics Every Sales Manager Needs to Measure

Sales managers are under more pressure than ever to deliver, which means coaching team members to perform within tighter deadlines and more management scrutiny. Our work with hundreds of clients across dozens of sectors, with companies of all sizes, shows that agents under pressure often to cobble together homemade sales [...]

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Key Account Management: How It compares To Account Management?

One word. Three letters. Numerous differences. Key account managers and account managers don’t have as much in common as you would expect. Although both are sales professionals, there are several ways that their paths diverge beyond similar job titles. For sales leaders, it is important to remember these differences when [...]

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Is Your Field Sales Team Making Enough Cold Calls?

Thanks to social media people have more ways to stay in touch than ever before, especially in business, which is, in turn, reducing the amount of time we spend communicating on the phone. More people use phones for the apps they download, email, music, search engines and other services, but [...]

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How to Spot Poor Sales Performance Before You Miss Target

Even mid-level sales professionals are skilled at selling one product: themselves. People buy from people, so when it comes to hiring another sales rep, they’re going to have that pitch down perfect. But what happens after you’ve hired them? Every business development manager (BDM) on the road represents a significant [...]

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