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6 ways to define smarter sales goals

Sales is about hitting targets and goals. Every sales rep, whether inside or field-based has targets to hit. You gotta’ make that number, or meet the quota; however your company phrases that, it means the same thing. Quota means hitting or exceeding revenue goals for the financial year. No matter [...]

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Sales KPIs: Are you monitoring activity accurately?

In sales, too much hope is placed on monitoring outcomes and results. So if a member of a sales team fails to hit target, this is often dismissed as them not closing enough deals rather than looking at the underlying cause which could well be lack of activity. In order [...]

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Does your sales team prepare for in-person visits?

In sales, those who prepare perform better than those who wing it and hope for the best. When field sales team members meet prospects, this can be make or break. It’s somewhat different when a field sales rep goes out to meet an account/client. These relationships have developed over months [...]

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Tired of relying on a CRM and not getting the results you need?

From the early 2000s onwards, customer relationship management (CRM) systems started to become a must-have for CMOs and other senior and board-level leaders. Directors and managers of field sales teams aren't usually positive about CRMs. Despite a wide range of companies providing these products, including legacy tech giants and ones [...]

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Are Your Field Sales Team working for you all day?

When managing a remote or field sales team, you need to be confident they’re doing what they say. Unlike an inside sales team, as a manager, you don’t have as much oversight and control. Field sales reps need to be self-motivated, self-reliant and disciplined. You should be confident they will get [...]

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Why Sales Leaders Should Manage Activities Not Results

Imagine if every time a football team was at risk of losing, the coach walked into the changing rooms at halftime and told them to “just score more goals!” It might work. If only the players had thought of that themselves when they were on the pitch in possession of the ball! [...]

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