Are Your Field Sales Team working for you all day?

When managing a remote or field sales team, you need to be confident they’re doing what they say. Unlike an inside sales team, as a manager, you don’t have as much oversight and control. Field sales reps need to be self-motivated, self-reliant and disciplined. You should be confident they will get [...]

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Why Sales Leaders Should Manage Activities Not Results

Imagine if every time a football team was at risk of losing, the coach walked into the changing rooms at halftime and told them to “just score more goals!” It might work. If only the players had thought of that themselves when they were on the pitch in possession of the ball! [...]

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Want to Beat Your 2019 Target?

Hitting target from one year to the next is never a guarantee. Even if you had an amazing 2018, beating expectations; chances are, your 2019 targets are going to be even more ambitious. And if you’ve not had a great year, missing target one or more quarters, or even the [...]

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Does Sales Enablement Really Support Sales Teams?

Since 2008, Sales Enablement (SE) has emerged as a business function and micro-industry supporting sales teams. It was known as sales support; however, in this expanded role, SE includes marketing functions, tools, technology and training. Whilst you’ve heard of the term, “sales enablement”, you may wonder exactly what it means? [...]

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Have We Got Pipeline Management All Wrong?

Salespeople, including managers, tend to measure sales performance success based on the actions we take. What have we done today? How many calls have we made? How many meetings? How much have we done? Actions — inputs — over outputs are valid and important measures of success. If we don’t make calls, have meetings and [...]

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How Do I Get My Sales Team To Use Customer Data?

People are lazy. If we can find a shortcut, get something done quicker and achieve a result without expending more effort than needed, we are going to find a way. It’s human nature. Sales people are no different. Unfortunately, this means organisations are investing in software — particularly CRM systems — that sales teams aren’t [...]

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Are You Wasting Your Sales Training Budget?

Sales training is a multi-billion dollar industry. And yet, time and again, we hear and read the same shocking statistic: 90 percent of sales training has a short shelf-life — the impact only lasts 90 days. Sales training isn’t cheap, either. With organisations such as Mercuri, Sandler Training and Huthwaite International (now part [...]

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